Spa treatments and massages

Enjoy a little wellness time. In your private room. In our small fine spa.

Spa bath

All SPA baths can be done comfortably in the room. A private SPA with a view of the mountains. Simply decide for yourself when and for how long you want to "take a bath" in your own hotel room. Price per application € 9,-

Valerian bath
Wonderfully soothing bath against stress.

Spruce needle bath
Stimulating and balm for the respiratory tract.

Hay flower bath
Antispasmodic and ideal for the metabolism.

Calamus bath
Calms digestion and stomach.

Chamomile bath
Ideal for irritated skin and against colds.

Lavender bath
Like valerian, wonderfully relaxing.

Melissa bath
Initially stimulating, then sleep-inducing.

Rosemary bath
Makes active and promotes vitality.

Sage bath
Refreshing, antiperspirant and for inflamed skin.

Juniper bath
Muscle relaxing and ideal for cellulite.

The "lover's bath" - the bath for all senses and very special moments.

Horse chestnut
Anti-inflammatory for venous disorders and varicose veins. Perfect for heavy and tired legs.

Thyme bath
Stimulates the circulation, has a beneficial effect on the upper respiratory tract and is ideal for an oncoming cold.