Spa treatments and massages

Enjoy a little wellness time. In your private room. In our small fine spa.


Classic massage
A massage activates and supports blood circulation. The targeted increase in blood circulation promotes nourishment and purification of the tissues. Every cell of the body is optimally supplied with fresh oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. The tissue is tightened, tense muscles are loosened and flabby ones are strengthened.

  • Partial massage 25 min. € 33,- 
  • Full massage 50 min. € 55,-


Foot reflexology
All organs, joints and body parts of humans have assigned reflex zones on the foot, which can be influenced by an appropriate pressure massage. This stimulates the body's self-healing powers, relieves tension and blockages and reveals energy weaknesses.

  • 25 min. € 37,-


Massage Mix
is a composition of two different partial massages of your choice. By combining different techniques, tensions can be loosened even better than in the conventional way. (e.g.: classic back massage and foot reflexology massage).

  • 50 min. € 58,-


Aroma oil massage
Especially the shoulder, neck and lumbar area is worked out here and in combination with heat carriers and aroma oils it has a soothing, relaxing and harmonious effect on these areas.

  • Teilmassage 25 min. € 35,-
  • Vollmassage 50 min. € 58,-


Head and neck massage
This massage is especially recommended for severe tension and muscle pain in the shoulder and neck area.

  • 25 min. € 33,-


Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life energy, which is supplied to the body through the special "laying on of hands". Reiki also means holistic self-healing of the body, mind and soul, deep relaxation, dissolving blockages and balancing the energy balance.

  • 50 min. € 69,-


Ho'oponopono LomiLomi - an ancient healing method from Hawaii.
"Ho'oponopono" means doing something right, establishing balance (PONO), being in harmony with yourself, your family, your environment and your community. This technique of problem and conflict resolution is very ancient and deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture. Warm oils are used to massage the entire body with the hands, fingers and forearms, loosening joints and gently stretching muscles. The long massage strokes connect all parts of the body and give the feeling of deep security within oneself. After a few minutes the muscles begin to let go, the mind begins to relax and all disturbing thoughts disappear. It is essentially about releasing the four negative energies - fruit, anger, jealousy and sadness - that the human body holds on to and that lead to knots and blockages there.

  • 4 hours € 250,-

Health SPA

Cleopatra bath
Already for the ancient Egyptians this bath was the epitome of beauty. A high-quality mixture of milk, honey, skin oils and orange oil removes dead skin cells, provides the skin with vitamins and minerals, thus making it smooth and soft and giving a silky complexion.

  • 40 min: € 37,-

Evening primrose oil bath
A declaration of love to your skin through moisturizing, highly effective care oils and creams and pleasant warmth in the floating tub. The seed oil of the evening primrose has a soothing effect on skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis.

  • 40 min: € 39,-

Fango wrap
Local heat treatment in the form of compresses. Recommended for muscle tension, spinal disorders or for post-treatment of accident and sports injuries.

  • 40 min: € 39,-

Hay bath
Well-being and vitality through the power of Pitztal mountain hay.
Your body is wrapped in fresh hay and gently warmed. This leads to increased perspiration and promotes stomach activity. A hay bath helps to reduce stress and also strengthens your well-being.

  • 40 min: € 35,-

Natural moor pack
Circulates blood to the muscles and relieves joint pain.

  • 40 min: € 39,-

Seaweed pack
Well-being through the power of the sea. Sea algae have a purifying and detoxifying effect. They provide intensive moisture, boost your metabolism and help eliminate figure problems.

  • 40 min: € 39,-

SPA baths

All SPA baths can be done comfortably in the room. A private SPA with a view of the mountains. Simply decide for yourself when and for how long you want to "take a bath" in your own hotel room. Price per application € 9,-

Valerian bath
Wonderfully soothing bath against stress.

Spruce needle bath
Stimulating and balm for the respiratory tract.

Hay flower bath
Antispasmodic and ideal for the metabolism.

Calamus bath
Calms digestion and stomach.

Chamomile bath
Ideal for irritated skin and against colds.

Lavender bath
Like valerian, wonderfully relaxing.

Melissa bath
Initially stimulating, then sleep-inducing.

Rosemary bath
Makes active and promotes vitality.

Sage bath
Refreshing, antiperspirant and for inflamed skin.

Juniper bath
Muscle relaxing and ideal for cellulite.

The "lover's bath" - the bath for all senses and very special moments.

Horse chestnut
Anti-inflammatory for venous disorders and varicose veins. Perfect for heavy and tired legs.

Thyme bath
Stimulates the circulation, has a beneficial effect on the upper respiratory tract and is ideal for an oncoming cold.