Our favourite places

Do you know that feeling when it's finally time to go outside, into the beloved nature? We all have our favourite places, and today we reveal our most beautiful places in the Pitztal. Sometimes they are impressive experiences where we stop and marvel at how beautiful nature is at home. Sometimes it's "just" a walk along a stream, in the forest or only in the garden, where we care for ourselves and indulge our thoughts. Ronja & Wolfgang, hosts at Hotel Gletscherblick.

Our garden

I gather a lot of strength because herbs and plants are not just a hobby but have become a real passion. You can find many of the herbs I collect in the salads, salt or oils.

The Pitztal Mountains

We often decide spontaneously for a short mountain tour, and today we reveal our absolute insider tip: the Mandarfner Kreuz. In only 1 1/2 h walking time you reach the summit cross and are rewarded with a dreamlike view. Our favourite peaks in Pitztal are the Karleskopf at an altitude of 2,790 m and the Brandkogel.

Forest walk

Here I am almost always alone. Because the forest is more of my territory than Wolfgang's. Why I love the woods so much: It's the incredibly fresh air, but also the smell of mushrooms, fresh herbs or moss. I love strolling through the forest, picking mushrooms and herbs. It gives me a lot of strength and energy.