Forest bath

We, humans, look for peace and above all for places in nature that we can enjoy. The most significant source of energy for our bodies is the forest. The air, the play of light, the soft and gentle forest floor - all this leaves our everyday problems far behind.

What is a forest bath?

Simple as said, a walk in the forest, guided or alone - to meditate, to walk mindfully, to recharge your batteries or to pick mushrooms or berries. The essential oils that trees release into the air not only strengthen our immune system but the terpenes (plant substances) they contain boost the production of so-called killer bacteria. We get rid of anxiety, anger and depression, as recent studies show.

Our offer

Currently there are no dates if and when forest bathing will take place. In any case, you can always practise forest bathing yourself. At home, with us. As a nature park ambassador, Ronja has also undergone basic training here and, if the current situation permits, guided tours will take place next summer.

Summer in the Nature Park

Today, the Kaunergrat Nature Park looks after six designated protected areas in the nature park region and is spread over 9 member municipalities. Discover the diversity and enjoy an unforgettable hiking holiday in Pitztal.

Summer experiences