A hotel in nature

Taking responsibility for nature

For us, sustainability also means mindfulness. And mindfulness means that we think before we act. Out of love for nature, we are particularly sparing with its treasures. We are at the beginning of a long journey when it comes to sustainability, and we will probably never quite reach our destination.

Our natural garden of around 8,000 square metres is not only a feel-good paradise for guests, but also home to bumblebees, butterflies and many other creatures of nature.

Food should be valued and a responsible approach to it is essential. We obtain the majority of our products from suppliers in the region, which means that the added value remains in the region and is also environmentally friendly due to the short transport distances. 

We use environmentally friendly, eco-certified products for washing and cleaning. When buying paper - whether for the office or for the rooms - we look for environmental certificates. After all, we are all only guests on earth.

Intelligent room controls heat our rooms efficiently. We don't have air conditioning. For what it's worth, we have the freshest mountain air. 

We strongly promote waste avoidance. Whether in the kitchen, the wellness area or the rooms, we are equally committed to this in all areas. Instead of small packages, we use large containers, and in our wellness area we use home-made herbal healing oils.

Think globally - act locally. So we are partner of the Kaunergrat Nature Park for a several years and also joint a member of the Tyrolean Climate Alliance. We have retained this European network and a contribution to a more climate-friendly world. There is a lot to do, let's start!

Take Responsibility

Working together for sustainable use of our resources

We are ambassadors of a special region.

We as hosts at Hotel Gletscherblick have agreed to focus on sustainable tourism. Quality before quantity. Authenticity before fake hospitality.

  • We implement measures for biodiversity
  • We implement measures for the regional economic cycle
  • We pay attention to sustainable tourism
  • It is important for us to set a sign against climate change
  • We take care of ourselves and especially our employees
  • We make sure that the Pitztal remains like this for the next generation!